To be covered under the SMILESERVE PROPERTY PROTECTION GUARANTEE, you must have booked the services of a technician on the platform and be able to provide proof in the form of receipts, or email notifications. Please review the full Terms of Service below.

In the unfortunate event that any damage occurs to any of your property in connection or arising out of the operations within geographical limit, please contact Smileserve Support and we will assist you.


The property protection guarantee covers property damage that is directly caused by a technician booked on It does not cover any issues arising from installations and/or incomplete work not booked on Damage must arise from services being rendered by the technician based on your original request. Rendered add-on services that are not requested through smileserve are not covered, even if done by a smileserve technician.

Damage or losses must be due to negligence of the technician while working directly on the service requested.

The property protection guarantee does not cover all types of property. It does not replace or supercede your standard homeowners, renters, property, or any other type of insurance. You may request for the complete terms of coverage of the policy by emailing